Jessica Williams rocked late-night comedy enthusiasts earlier this week with the announcement that she's leaving Trevor Noah's The Daily Show. Thursday's broadcast marked the last time we'll ever see Williams significantly upping the quality of TDS, meaning you can be absolutely certain not a single moment of her final appearance was wasted.​

"After an impassioned Democratic primary between the Curb Your Enthusiasm guy and the Mother of Dragons, the voting is finally over," Williams said during what will sadly be her final TDS evisceration segment. "With Hillary Clinton as their nominee, the Democratic Party has united without controversy. J.K. y'all. I'm fucking with you!" Williams then interviewed some stubborn Bernie Sanders supporters, i.e. the force behind the so-called "Bernie or bust" movement, to see what the hell is the deal with their decision to vote for Trump instead of Clinton.

"How do you go from a left-wing progressive like Bernie to a man who worships money slightly less than he worships himself?" Williams wondered. Sadly, the answer to that inquiry was noticeably limited in its logic.

Of course, someone's final night on a TV show that's become more of an American institution than actual American institutions didn't slide by without a semi-tearful goodbye:

"We tried to put together all of your greatest moments, but the truth is no one show can do them justice," Noah told Williams. "You are the coolest, most awesome person. This building is going to suffer a severe lack of J-Williness without you." Then the TDS team surprised Williams with a big-ass hug, before inadvertently outing the real reason they had gathered to bid her a proper farewell: prime office space.

"It was so beautiful and you spoiled it," Noah said. "You should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm getting Jessica’s office!"