Last year Cristiano Ronaldo got his own movie, so it’s only right that Lionel Messi has got one now as well. Messi comes to DVD next week, and it takes an unusual approach to telling the Argentinian superstar’s story. Messi himself isn’t interviewed for the film — instead, it stars a host of big name players (including Javier Mascherano, Andres Iniesta, Gerad and Gerad Pique), legends (Diego Maradona and the late Johan Cruyff), coaches and football writers, alongside his family and friends, in extended roundtable interviews, discussing his life, and what makes him so great. 

It is a bit weird that the man himself isn’t actually involved, but it’s still interesting. All the discussions take place around restaurant tables, so the experience is kind like finding yourself having a meal with Pique and Iniesta, and spending the whole time bugging them for stories about the Nou Camp dressing room (which is totally what you’d do if you got the chance). Interspersed with those are strange reenactment scenes of Messi’s childhood, with actors playing him and his family — they are pretty cheesy to be honest, but at least they break up all the talking heads. Overall, it’s a interesting film, and here are five things we learnt from it.