As if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's life wasn't already poppin' at historic levels, society's sole remaining hope for peace and tranquility has now launched his own YouTube channel. The first release from The Rock's latest venture, aptly titled "The YouTube Factory," sees the Ballers star getting some valuable intel from YouTube star Lilly Singh. The reason for their taped meeting, which should inspire plenty of conspiracy theories, is to take an all-access tour of the remote volcanic island where everyone's favorite YouTube videos are (allegedly?) made.

"Other than my family, social media is my strongest relationship and it's allowed me to connect on a very direct and personal level with fans globally," Johnson said in a press release when announcing his newest Seven Bucks Productions project. "We're thrilled to partner with the world-class team at Studio71 to deliver cool, compelling, and entertaining content for audiences around the world to enjoy." Seven Bucks, co-founded by Johnson and producer Dany Garcia, is also behind that forthcoming Baywatch reboot.

For his first YouTube creation, Johnson follows Singh through a who's who of YouTube stars. Grace Helbig, Gigi Gorgeous, Flula Borg, King Bach, and other noteworthy stars pop in for some Rock-assisted action. Scott Brown, who previously helmed Larry King Now, wrote and directed the clip.

In addition to maybe sorta kinda running for president one day, the next few years will be loaded with surefire blockbusters from The Rock. Dude is currently readying San Andreas 2, Doc Savage, Fast 8, a Jumanji reboot, Shazam!, and that aforementioned Baywatch reboot co-starring Zac Efron.

Trust in The Rock, for only he can lead us to victory.