That overwhelming sense of sadness and lurking doom you've been trying to deal with over the past few days your entire life could, with proper investigation, probably be traced back to Zac Efron's apparent decision to forgo a High School Musical reunion in favor of literally anything else.

Of course, the Dirty Grandpa star is well aware of your disintegration into sadness and stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to offer some condolences in the form of an oddly timed throwback clip of Efron performing in an actual high school musical. The clip, reportedly sent in by Efron's former high school drama instructor, features some serious moonwalking and an admirable take on a classic You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown cut.

With Efron's ringing endorsement that these moves "crushed back then," we can all exit our advanced state of mourning and finally embrace the Zac Efron that is and not the Zac Efron that was. Dirty Grandpa, with a narrative that proudly boasts Robert De Niro saying "giant labia" and Efron smoking crack, opens today.