Want to go to this year's hella enviable Comic-Con in beautiful San Diego? Of course you do. Wary of the damage such an excursion might do to your wallet? We feel you. That's why our peeps over at Collider are offering one of their readers (and a guest) the chance to score the San Diego Comic-Con experience for the low, low price of roughly zero dollars.

Are you sitting down in your finest chair? You should probably be sitting down. This totally free experience includes airfare to San Diego for you and your guest, two badges to the San Diego Comic-Con, hotel accommodations conveniently located along the SDCC shuttle route, and a hefty $250 gift card for food, goodies, or whatever the hell it is that people do with money nowadays.

Sound good to you? Awesome. There's only one catch: You have to enter the contest. If that doesn't seem like too big a task for you to tackle (it’s not!), then head over to Collider right now and up your chances of seeing glorious San Diego whilst taking in the Comic-Con vibes most people only get to dream about. The contest ends June 30. Don't procrastinate.