Imagine telling this to someone 10 years ago: A church in Lansing, Mich. will hold its first service ever on Sunday, and the minister is inviting the congregation to help out by putting their joint and blunt roaches in the collection plate. 

As the Lansing State Journal reports, the First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason welcomes everyone who is interested in being spiritual, but also loves cannabis, to attend its inaugural service at the Lansing Herbal Farmer's Market. On the event's Facebook page, ordained minister Jeremy Hall asks those who attend to consider offering up their unneeded roaches to help out those in need.

"... we will be holding a "roach collection" jar to help the church continue to provide free religious material to those in need. If you have any extra or if you normally toss them out please consider saving them up and brining them with you, every one helps!!!"

Also included in Sunday's services will be a "pot luck" meal, pun intended.

"The church will be providing free 'religious material,' a.k.a. cannabis pre-rolls, for the congregation to enjoy as well as a main course. We invite everyone to bring a small dish/drink/dessert, medicated or otherwise, to pass around before the service. If you are going to bring a medicated dish we ask that you provide a small sign to place in front, indicating an estimated serving size and THC/CBD content.

Michigan joined a number of other U.S. states when it legalized marijuana for medical use in 2008. 

The First Cannabis Church calls itself an agnostic, non-denominational church that "leaves religious theology up to the individual" and will allow people to be spiritual, but can also "feel safe to take any of their medication." Sunday's service is scheduled include "a short sermon regarding the 'Butterfly Effect' and how it relates to the church's main goal within the community."

It appears to be similar to this Church of Cannabis in Indiana, and basically the exact opposite of this church, where the bishop says that smoking weed will turn you into a zombie.