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Matthew McConaughey, a man of many True Detective-related talents, may be breaking up his hectic acting schedule with occasional bouts of actual time travel. That seems to be the only reasonable explanation to the existence of this photograph, unless one is inclined to believe that McConaughey is simply not capable of such travel, an obviously blasphemous notion.

The old man in the photograph, who allegedly enjoyed the decidedly McConaughey activity of "listening to birds," was apparently the great-great-grandpa of a guy named Sanders Parker. "The likeness is uncanny," Parker told ABC News."It was too good not to share." This great-great-grandpa was reportedly not named Matthew McConaughey, instead taking the name Dr. Andrew Sanders. "Apparently he was the man," Parker says of his Alabama relative.

Though Parker insists any attempts at pulling off a PhotoShopped hoax would have quickly been outed on Reddit, it's at least worth mentioning that McConaughey's next movie does indeed share a few stylistic similarities with the 'fits rocked by this guy's great-great-grandpa:

McConaughey also recently signed on for the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, a film that sees the Interstellar star going up against Idris Elba. "I'm not a big sci-fi buff," McConaughey told MTV News on Tuesday. However, after hearing a bit more about his mysterious man in black (a.k.a. Walter Padick) character, McConaughey was drawn to the production for a seemingly time-defying reason: "I can be whoever I want to be in this one." Whoever you want to be? Hmmm.