Just when you think he's back to winning in the legal realm, things go so wrong for America's sweetheart, Carlos Estevez Charlie Sheen. Months after announcing that the lawsuit filed against him by a dental assistant (who claimed he pulled off his nitrous oxide mask and tried to pull down her bra) had been permanently dropped, the actor and open-minded HIV patient finds himself in trouble again.

Buzzfeed is reporting that Los Angeles police have confirmed that Sheen is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation there, stemming from a report filed on March 31. While the LAPD told the website that the investigation is confidential due to its nature, as is the name of any possible victim, police did say that the investigation is being handled by the department's Threat Management Unit. That particular unit handles cases of harassment, stalking or threats against public officials.

A lawyer for Sheen's ex-fiance, Scottine Ross, who previously worked in porn under the name Brett Rossi, told NBC News that the investigation was triggered by Ross going to the LAPD seeking a restraining order against Sheen. Ross' request came after The National Enquirer published excerpts from an audio tape in which Sheen allegedly admits to not telling partners about his HIV-positive status, and allegedly talks about having Ross "buried" for $20,000. Radar Online, which also published the audio excerpts, says that LAPD officers served a search warrant at the website's New York office on Wednesday, looking to obtain a copy of the full, 35-minute recording.

Ross has previously accused Sheen of failing to disclose his HIV status, as well as assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence, in a lawsuit she filed against the actor in 2015. She also claimed that Sheen backed out of a deal to pay her $1 million after revealing his HIV status on NBC's Today.