Charlie Sheen stars in Machete Kills as the President of the United States. Believable, right? His dad Martin Sheen may be one of the most beloved fictional presidents ever, but Charlie is another story. Anyway, in the Machete sequel, President Sheen recruits our eponymous hero (Danny Trejo) to take down an evil arms dealer (Mel Gibson). 

The weird thing, though, is that Sheen is being billed as Carlos Estévez for the first time in his career. That's his birth name, in case you forgot that his brother is Brat Packer Emilio Estévez and Martin's real name is Ramón Estévez. He changed his name early in his career to make it easier to get parts. Charlie then changed his after being expelled from high school when he decided to become an actor.

It's unclear why Sheen has decided to go by Estévez after over 20 years in Hollywood. Of course, perhaps he and/or Robert Rodriguez thought it would lend him an "authenticity" in a film about a former Mexican Federal and populated with actors like Trejo, Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sofia Vergara. Sheen's grandfather Francisco Estévez Martinez emigrated from Spain in the early 20th century.

We doubt people will stop calling him Charlie Sheen at this point. Maybe Sheen is trying to mend some fences. "One of my great regrets is that I didn't keep my name as it was given to me. I knew it bothered my dad," Martin has said.

Machete Kills comes out September 13.

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[via TMZ]

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