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As well as introducing a load of new characters, Star Wars: The Force Awakens also was a chance to catch up with old faces. Obviously the humans had aged a lot, but the droids had changed as well. C-3P0 noticeably had a random red arm spoiling his all-gold vibes. There was no explanation given for it, which was kind of nice in a way — not everything needs to be explained, it was just 30 years since Return of the Jedi, so of course stuff would have happened to them. Time is a motherfucker, yo.

But of course, Star Wars fans can’t just let anything be. So now, Marvel have released a one-shot C-3PO solo comic, revealing the astonishing secret origin behind his red arm (and what happened to his old one).

This is the moment where it gets ripped off.

So basically, it starts with C-3PO and a squad of Resistance droids crash landed on a hostile planet, with a bad guy droid prisoner named Omri in their number, that they’re trying to bring to justice. One by one, they get picked off, until it’s just Treepio and Omri. Treepio gets his arm ripped off, and then Omri, who has formed a bond with his former enemy, sacrifices his life to save them. So C-3PO then attaches his arm to himself, as a memorial to the droid that gave his (robot) life so he could live. Tbh, that’s surprisingly more meaningful that we expected.

Marvel’s new line of Star Wars comics have actually been pretty dope, and they’re worth picking up btw.

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