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At this point in my life I've grown tired of playing Candy Crush on my subway commute and could probably use several recommendations of other mobile games to play—both mindless and challenging—to pass the time

As part of their monthly series, Gameranx has released a top ten list of the best games on both iOS and Android devices from March. The best part? All of their recommendations are free of charge. 

They start off their list with "7 Mages," a pretty straightforward-looking fighter game that seems to have the best graphics possible for a mobile device. They also showcase a basketball game, which looks pretty conventional on the surface but is actually pretty complicated considering it's a game that one can play live with other people. For Disney fans, this month also holds "Disney Magic Kingdoms," which has a story that brings players to the Disney theme parks. Gameranx's number one game, however, looks to be the most thorough. It's called "Robocide" and is described as "a micro RTS game" with "a crap ton going on." It's also a multiplayer game that you can play with friends or anyone online. 

To learn more about what each game has to offer you can watch Gameranx's video breakdown above. 

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