Rep. Duncan Hunter, perhaps most known for his work as the inimitable vaping congressman, has crashed back into headlines on a wave of presumably delicious vapor for a decidedly vape-friendly reason. Hunter is being questioned by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for allegedly blowing some campaign funds on video games, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

"There won't be any paying anything back there, pending the outcome of the fraud investigation, depending on how long that takes," Joe Kasper, Hunter's spokesperson, said of the charges in question. According to Hunter, the video game expenditures stem from his teen son using his credit card "for one game" before multiple "unauthorized charges" hit the account as the vaping congressman attempted to shut the whole thing down.

Listed on a 2015 year-end report as "personal expense—to be paid back," Hunter ultimately spent $1,302 on some Steam Games action. According to Kotaku, the individual charges range from a barely noticeable five bucks to an admittedly hefty $96.30. "Campaign funds are to be used for bona fide campaign or political purposes only," the House Ethics Committee states. "Campaign funds are not to be used to enhance a member's lifestyle, or to pay a member's personal obligations."

Though Hunter is insisting the Steam Games charges stem from his son's clever credit card tactics, Gawker notes that Hunter is known as somewhat of a video game activist. Back in 2013, Hunter penned a pretty damn good op-ed for Politico on the nation's unfortunate habit of pointing fingers at video games as a "catalyst" for acts of violence. "So let's stop pretending that an entertainment medium is the cause of the problem," Hunter wrote. "Let's look for solutions in the real world, not the virtual one."

*hits vape*