One thing handheld consoles do really well in retro gaming. Yeah, you can’t really play the whole of Metal Gar Solid V or Fallout 4 on the go, but fire up a classic 16 bit game and it’s perfect for the train.

And that’s probably the thinking that’s gone into this sick new special edition Nintendo 3DS XL, that’ll be available soon in Japan. The case is designed to look exactly like the old school Super Nintendo console (or Super Famicom, as it was called in the East). The theme continues when you open it up as well, with the buttons recoloured to the same scheme as the original SNES controllers. There’s plenty of bootleg cases and such that make your iPhone look like a Game Boy or whatever, but this official Nintendo design is so on-point.

Here's what the original looked like...

It’ll go on sale in Japan this April 21,600 yen (£135).

[via Mashable]

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