We know, we know–you're probably tired of Deadpool news, but it's hard to hold this info to ourselves. The hard R rating of Deadpool lent itself to vicious scenes, including shots of Deadpool looking at some bad guys through a bullet hole in his arm, but during an upcoming interview with Deadpool stunt coordinator Philip Silvera (who also was stunt coordinator for both seasons of Daredevil), it looks like we haven't seen ANYTHING yet.

When asked about some of his favorite stunts and sequences in the film, Silvera mentioned that he's particularly fond of the final sequence, but his favorite scene was the Workshop battle between Wade and Francis. Silvera let us know we'll see even more of it in the eventual Deadpool Blu-Ray:

"It might have gotten a little too violent for the feature film; even though the film was a hard R, that scene gets a lot more personal and more vicious towards the end. You've got to remember," Silvera continues, "this is a guy who has been torturing Wade the entire time. The way he views Wade is very different, and you see it come through in the action and the way they see each other. It’s still a brutal scene. But the full version of that sequence. It’s vicious, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing that."

As are we. Now keep in mind, that scene ended with Wade naked and impaled inside of a burning building, so there's no telling how vicious this scene is actually going to be.

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