Though Leonardo DiCaprio’s unanimously praised performance in The Revenant was enough to score the notorious posse starter his very first Oscar, the film’s bear antics left one actual bear attack survivor feeling less than impressed. Allena Hansen, who was brutally mauled by a bear in California in 2008, spoke with the Daily Mail on Wednesday about her recovery process and the sheer ridiculousness of The Revenant.

"Leo got off extremely lightly indeed," Hansen said after seeing the Oscar-winning film. "And while we’re at it, bears that big don’t drop dead from three stab wounds to the shoulder with a Bowie knife." Adding that the entire sequence struck her as "risibly fake," Hansen also took issue with DiCaprio’s horse transportation abilities. "Having gone off a cliff or two on horseback," Hansen noted, "I can assure you that Leo can’t ride for shit."

Hansen had to undergo hours and hours of reconstruction surgery and physical rehabilitation after a 150-pound bear attacked her on her California ranch. During the harrowing incident, Hansen lost 14 teeth and had large portions of her ears and nose bitten off entirely. As noted in her interview with the Mail, she has since recovered and is currently enjoying the ranch life once again alongside her two dogs.

Though Hansen's amazing story of survival is indeed the most important source of Leo v Bear criticism, fellow actor Josh Brolin also took issue with The Revenant. "I deserve the Oscar," Brolin told the New York Times in February. "I deserve five of them." According to Brolin, his own performance in the forthcoming Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter is far worthier of the accolades.