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When one dares question the acting methods of current American Lung Association target Leonardo DiCaprio, the universe cries. After crying, the universe seeks to understand the frustrations of whoever is spreading such anti-Leo blasphemy. For today's entry in mild Leo bashing, we turn to Hail, Caesar! star Josh Brolin.

"I deserve the Oscar," Brolin recently told the New York Times, reportedly while laughing or at least giggling. "I deserve five of them." Brolin's possibly facetious request for five Academy Awards is tied to his evidently strenuous role in The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, for which Brolin put on 40 fresh pounds. "I’ve just come out of the woods after three and a half months," Brolin said of the weather-halted production, "and I’m a little crazy."

In fact, Brolin is proud enough of his Deer Hunter performance that he also felt the need to take a playful dig or two at DiCaprio's bear-battling turn in Alejandro González Iñárritu​'s The Revenant. "The Revenant is such a crock," Brolin told the Times when comparing the films, adding that he "heard they had hot tubs on the set." Brolin apparently hikes and swims and otherwise survives throughout the aforementioned Deer Hunter, though any mention of bear-battling is conspicuously absent.

For what it's worth, Josh Brolin has also never won an Oscar.