When you're surviving the zombie apocalypse aboard a boat, even a really nice, expensive boat, it's really crucial to know one thing: Can zombies swim?

We've been asking the question of whether walkers might also be swimmers ever since the Season Two trailer of Fear the Walking Dead arrived to tease a sea full of zombies earlier this month, but now we have an answer via EW. Fear the Walking Dead producer Dave Erickson was asked the important question during the show's PaleyFest panel over the weekend and responded like this:

"Zombies can't swim," executive producer Dave Erickson said at the AMC series' PaleyFest panel on Saturday. "They can wade. That's something we experimented with when we shot the first episode. We've figured out the best ways to shoot water zombies. They don't drown. They keep floating back up."

So no swimmers, but definitely floaters, which, not quite as scary, but still pretty scary, right? Of course, as with O.G. The Walking Dead, literal dead people with limitless energy and a burning desire rip the flesh from your bones with their teeth aren't nearly as dangerous as other living human beings. 

When the first season of Fear the Walking Dead left off, the group was setting sail the yacht owned by the mysterious Victor Strand, who Erickson said will become a lot less mysterious in the second season.

"There's going to be threats, obstacles, and conflicts on sea as well as on land," Erickson said, noting that the Abigail is very coveted." The ultimate goal, is "to find a place where they can drop anchor and stay. The great thing about the Abigail is they have fairly extensive range. We don't know, when we first hit the water, which direction we're going. Strand has some ideas, but we don't know how much we can trust those ideas."

Fear the Walking Dead's second season, marking the return of (the surviving members of) the first season's pitch-perfect cast, premieres on AMC on April 10. The new season will last for 15 episodes, unlike Season One, which only had six.