A Suicide Squad sequel, once again helmed by David Ayer, has been quietly confirmed alongside the announcement of another collaboration between the Fury director and Will Smith. Ayer and Smith will combine creative forces for fantasy cop thriller Bright with Joel Edgerton, the Wrap reports. However, as noted by Uproxx, Ayer's schedule appears to be built around one very crucial element: Suicide Squad 2.

Centered on a protagonist described as simply "an orc cop," Bright production is reportedly set to be squeezed in just before "Warner Bros. brings [Ayer] and Smith back for a planned Suicide Squad sequel in 2017," according to the Wrap. Though no other details have been revealed, this means we could easily get a Suicide Squad sequel sometime in 2018 (or even as early as next year).

Though it's certainly worthy of a brag or two, a sequel to a film that hasn't even been released yet should come as no surprise to anyone who's actually been paying attention to the storied Suicide Squad rollout. Every single image, quote, rumor, and trailer teased ahead of the film's release has been met with immediate and enthusiastic co-signs from pretty much everyone on the planet.

Given the record-smashing success of the very R-rated Deadpool, perhaps this Suicide Squad follow-up can ditch the PG-13 constraints and give its characters way more wiggle room in terms of general vulgarity. Jared Leto, however, thankfully hasn't let the PG-13ness slow his Joker down. Just ask literally anyone who worked with him on Suicide Squad.