Dave Chappelle apparently gifted Portland with much more than just four stellar stand-up shows in a row last week, with one lucky Reddit user alleging the storied comedian even hit Oregon with a classic Radiohead track. According to Peaches666, which one can only hope is someone’s real name, Chappelle was spotted at Devil's Point on Sunday gifting the late-night crowd with a trio of well-executed covers.

Self-described as Portland's "rock 'n' roll strip club," Devil's Point is known by local frequenters for being quite good at delivering its most famous contribution to society: Stripparaoke. Each Sunday, dancers and singers get into the collaborative spirit for what the Guardian once called a "titillating portmanteau experience."

For Chappelle's turn, Peaches666 says the Chappelle's Show star tore through the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly," The Police's "Roxanne," and Radiohead's "Creep." As noted by the New York Daily News, Chappelle previously revealed his grasp of the pre-experimental Radiohead classic at Erykah Badu's birthday party in Dallas last year.

In addition to dubbing Dave Chappelle's "Creep" the "best" version ever performed at the club, the esteemed Peaches666 also mentioned Chappelle's generosity. "Really nice guy," Peaches666 wrote. "Let me bum a cigarette." At time of publication, Chappelle had not publicly speculated regarding the band's recent developments, an act which is (of course) the true mark of a diehard Radiohead fan.