If you've ever once in your life used the internet or otherwise participated in the world around you, then you know exactly who Dave Chappelle is. Even before the frustratingly brief Chappelle's Show made a permanent place in the hearts of an entire nation, dude was quite busy doing very legendary (and very hilarious) things. Similarly, anyone who has ever even remotely engaged with pop culture, even in the slightest possible capacity, knows exactly who R. Kelly is.

Of course, Kelly and Chappelle's histories briefly overlapped in the form of one very important Chappelle's Show skit that's still readily excerpted and repurposed into YouTube comments, Twitter replies, and Facebook statuses more than a decade after it originally aired:

However, though common sense would vehemently argue against this possibility, R. Kelly spent a healthy portion of a recent GQ profile either genuinely confused as to who Dave Chappelle is or just clumsily pretending. Due to the fact that this entire exchange must be ingested in full to achieve the desired reading comprehension, here's Kelly's Chappelle-centered portion of his conversation with Chris Heath:

GQ: Given that a lot of people believe that the video shows you, some of the behaviors on the video have become associated with you, particularly urination as part of sex. Pissing on people. You must have seen that Dave Chappelle skit. 

Kelly: "No, I haven't."

GQ: He did several clips on his show.

Kelly: "David Chappelle? [as though trying to place the name] David Chappelle? I don't…"

GQ: Chappelle's Show. Very famous.

Kelly: "Okay…comedian?"

GQ: Really famous comedian.

Kelly: "Okay, a comedian. Okay…go on."

GQ: And acting as you, he did a parody of "Ignition (Remix)" called "Piss on You."

Kelly: "Mmmm."

No comment. Peep the full GQ discussion here.