It looks like Radiohead's new album might be arriving in the semi-near future. The legendary English rock band set up a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP, listing the five members of the band as the company's top officers. The band also set up companies shortly before the releases of their previous two albums. In July 2007, they set up Xurbia Xendless Ltd and released In Rainbows that October. In December 2010, they established Ticker Tape Ltd before putting The King of Limbs in February 2011.

Over the summer, guitarist Jonny Greenwood confirmed that the band was in the studio working on their first album since 2011. "We didn't do anything together for too long, so restarting took a lot of time," he explained in an interview. Thankfully, we can listen to the band's unused and unsurprisingly flawless Spectre theme song they shared over the holidays while we wait for more.

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