50 Cent is brushing off his current legal woes with another move toward dominating the TV medium, this time in the form of a variety show. 50 Cent Presents sees Curtis Jackson teaming up with A&E in an effort to "reinvent the variety series," according to the Hollywood Reporter. Described by those close to the production as a series aimed at taking "In Living Color a step further," 50 Cent Presents will throw together a combination of sketches, music, celebrity guests, and something called "reality experiments."

In a statement announcing the series, 50 said he was beyond stoked to get the chance to update a format he loved as a kid for modern audiences. "I grew up watching variety shows and am excited to put my own spin on the format," 50 said. "I hope everyone is ready to bring their talent forward. I want to show the world the best of the best."

Despite a recent failed attempt from Neil Patrick Harris at bringing the variety show back in vogue for NBC, A&E bosses are positive 50 is resting on a hit. "50 Cent is the perfect partner to refresh this classic format," Elaine Frontain Bryant, the network’s head of programming, tells THR. "He is a true tastemaker across industries and we are excited to see his impressive showcase of talent."

In September of last year, 50 Cent inked an overall deal with Starz in the wake of his successful (though often compared to Empire) original series Power. At the time of the deal, Power stood tall as the most-watched original series in the network's history. In summary, never count 50 out. Dude always finds a place to shine.