Remember that time Shia LaBeouf watched all of his movies for another LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner collaboration and invited everyone to join him? If not, you definitely should. Anyway, this is what Shia looked like while watching the Transformers portion of his filmography:

LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner / @kianahasara

Mark Wahlberg apparently never made it down to #AllMyMovies, as dude just confirmed he's hopping back in the starring role for the forthcoming Transformers 5. Wahlberg, who was actually really good in the super underrated non-robot film I Heart Huckabees, confirmed his participation with a simple "Yes" in a recent interview with CinePOP:

People really into Michael Bay shenanigans will note that Wahlberg was present and accounted for during last year's Transformers: Age of Extinction, which quickly garnered breathtaking reviews from critics and audiences alike:

Rotten Tomatoes

The franchise wars continue.