Valentine's Day is the perfect time to remind movie lovers that summer is coming, which means massive summer blockbusters. Warner Bros. capitalized on the holiday by having Margot Robbie — one of the stars of the Suicide Squad movie — Instagram a strange valentine.

Robbie captioned the photo "Gimme some puddin," which is normal considering the photo is not. The valentine features a male and female skull encased in a heart. "HAHAHAHA" surrounds the heart. It seems to be an ode to the maniacal villain The Joker, who will be played by actor Jared Leto in the film. "U Drive Me Insane" is written in a weird scrawl above the the skeletons' heads.

The valentine is the latest in a line of innovative marketing that's driving anticipation for Suicide Squad. All of the actors are really immersed in their characters, so much so that it's rumored that director David Ayers hired a therapist for the set and Leto sent a dead rat to Robbie. The actors  even tattooed each other as a sign of friendship.

It also helps that the film is littered with famous faces. Robbie is playing Harley Quinn. Will Smith is Deadshot. Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis is Amanda Waller. Oh, and of course Leto is taking up the mantle of the one of DC Comics' most famous villains.

All of this is enough to drum up excitement for the movie, which hits theaters on Aug. 5. The big question is will all of the promo be enough to outperform Deadpool at the box office? That remains to be seen.