Leo nabbed a Best Actor nomination for this flick. But as true as his performance was, the movie itself is one of his worst. Even the elevator pitch must have been a mess. We’re gonna combine a diamond smuggler thriller with the tearjerking of an African genocide drama with an odd couple romance with a touch of journalistic truthing. Do. Less. Blood Diamond. There were so many things going on at once that they were all underserved, especially Danny Archer’s curious romance with journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly). Why should she fall for this smuggler? Sure, he gave her the scoop to expose blood diamond trade in Sierra Leone. But at no point did he seem morally righteous. He gave her the story to aid his quest for a fat ass rock and to get in her pants. And his redemption at the end—intended for her eyes and ours—in the form of giving the diamond to Solomon Vandy and his rescued son, was prompted by his impending death—not a rebuffing of his unethical profession. Leo getting nominated for this trainwreck makes it all the more frustrating that Beasts of No Nation, a far superior depiction of an African nation torn by civil war, was snubbed by the Academy.