Leonardo DiCaprio rocked the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards with the vape heard 'round the world, an act of vaping so immediately tweeted about and promptly criticized that an entire planet now stands to forget that this dude really (really!) deserves an Oscar already. Speaking of Oscars, there will apparently be no such vaping at this month's ceremony.

The Dolby Theatre, the location of this anti-vaping event, confirms to TMZ that their strict smoking ban will also include Leonardo DiCaprio and his Best Supporting Vape. Though DiCaprio was able to take advantage of Los Angeles' "theatrical production sites" loophole at the SAG Awards, no such loophole applies at the Dolby.

A predesignated smoking section will be reserved for those desperate to partake in activities of the smoking variety, TMZ confirms, adding that DiCaprio is "more than welcome" to indulge as he sees fit. As for the actual science behind public vaping's perceived dangers, a recent study suggested the practice is much safer than regular cigarette consumption. However, others very obviously disagree.

For what it's worth, DiCaprio isn't quite as into vaping as this guy:

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