It's generally agreed upon that everyone's worst nightmare materialized is seeing their parents have sex. Khloé Kardashian talked about one time she had to live through this terror when she was younger and heard her mom Kris Jenner and then-husband Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) getting it on all the while she hid under their bed. Poor little Khloé sure had some bad luck as she shared a similar story about hearing them have sex in her Complex cover story. That luck would follow her as she got older. Last month she revealed she once walked in on her boyfriend having a threesome! Here's how it all went down, if you know what I mean. 

In this week's episode of Kocktails With Khloé she revealed the traumatizing tale which all started with an innocent game of hide and go seek. "I was playing hide and go seek when I was younger and I slept under my mom's bed. I fell asleep and no one went to find me that's also sad," Khloé said. "I woke up to the bed shaking and I was too scared to leave…I had to wait for the whole thing." Though Khloé didn't say how old she was when the incident happened she did say she knew what was going on above her after Kocktail guest Kat De Luna asked. "I knew it was [sex] because of the moaning. It was honestly wild and I tell my mom and she feels bad about it still. I'm scarred for life," she said.

In her cover story Khloé told us was once under the bed when Kris and Bruce started having sex. "That shouldn't happen to anybody, but it's happened to me a few times with my mom," Khloé said, revealing that she also heard Kris having sex with current boyfriend Corey Gamble. Khloé said she and Kim were at Kris's house one day when they heard clapping and the headboard banging upstairs.

"...We were hitting each other like, 'NO!' Kim was like, 'Wait, shh.' And then it was dead silent and then they went again for round two," said Khloé. "I was like, 'OK, check please, I'm gone.'

But Khloé herself has been no stranger to having people hear her have sex. When rating the craziest places she's had sex she mentioned the thrill of having sex on a private plane on her website.

"I walked into the bathroom first and then he followed so it wasn't exactly stealth, haha!!! Everyone obviously knew what was going on in and when I walked out, they asked if we had fun, LOL!!!" wrote Khloé.