Do you enjoy knowing a movie's would-be surprises before you even get a chance to see it? Then, by all means, please proceed. If (relatively mild) spoilers aren't exactly your cup of tea, then please vacate the premises. Also, interesting choice of tea. Though Deadpool doesn't officially hit theaters until Friday, some studio-battling rips of the Ryan Reynolds masterwork's post-credits scenes have started making the rounds. Fittingly, one of them includes some very promising news regarding the surely inevitable Deadpool 2.

According to some rip analysis by ScreenCrush, Deadpool spends one of the two confirmed post-credits scenes doing his best Ferris Bueller impression while making fun of everyone for waiting around on the movie's "Sam Jackson in an eye patch" moment. However, in the second post-credits scene, Deadpool straight up confirms that Deadpool 2 will feature an audience-pleasing appearance by Cable. Though the role apparently remains vacant, Deadpool takes the opportunity to suggest Mel Gibson and Keira Knightley.

Reynolds previously hinted at Cable's eventual involvement in the burgeoning franchise back in January, responding to shouted fan requests at a Deadpool screening with a promising "Believe me. That's being talked about." Tim Miller, Deadpool director and person Reynolds recently included in his list of possible leaked test footage culprits, has also spoken passionately about bringing Cable into the fold.