Better Call Saul, the remarkably great Breaking Bad spin-off that you should definitely be watching just as religiously as its predecessor, has defied all possible odds by equaling (and occasionally even besting) its source material. However, as the former Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) can attest, a lot of people spent a brief but substantial amount of time truly convinced that a Pinkman-centered spin-off was well on its way to AMC glory.

"People kept asking me 'When is season six of Breaking Bad coming out?' and that hoax kept resurfacing throughout the years," Paul said during an appearance on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I decided to pull a prank, which is terrible, on Periscope saying 'Hey everybody, Vince Gilligan left it up to me to let you guys know that there is going to be a spin-off.'"

Noting that most people simply gathered their Pinkman-inspired excitement and exited the Periscope app before hearing his prank admission at the end of the broadcast, Paul then expressed some sadness regarding how his small act of trolling then took headlines by storm.

"It's not happening," Paul once again clarified, crushing the souls and hearts of Pinkman fans everywhere. "I just felt like an asshole." Though not in any way related to Breaking Bad or Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul is currently achieving a very different type of AMC glory by teaming up with fellow network icon Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) in the new heist blockbuster Triple 9. That movie, though not a Jesse Pinkman-centered Breaking Bad spin-off, opens Feb. 26.