What a BIT*H move. Aaron Paul went on Instagram to post about a big announcement he was excited about sharing with fans:


He also went on a Periscope livestream to talk about what exactly it was that was so top-secret. In this live stream, the former Breaking Bad star was in his hotel room in Boston rambling about something that involved his BB character and Vince Gilligan, the show's creator. While Paul's played plenty of different roles during his acting career— he's best-known for being Walter White's right-hand man, Jesse Pinkman and him hyping up this crazy announcement only lead us to believe there had to be a spin-off coming. But, nope. It was all a sick joke. 

Paul was simply bored in his hotel room and decided to troll all of his fans. 

Paul did try to make it up by inviting his Boston fans to watch Mad Max with him the night of his wrong-doings. But what about the rest of us, Pinkman? Who's going to comfort us while we sit here with this false hope? Hmm?!