A dating site for white people is targeting one of the whitest places in America with a giant billboard for whitepeoplemeet.com featuring a couple of, you guessed it, white people hugging seatbelt style.

The billboard has been turning heads since it popped up in West Valley City, Utah, but it's not really clear why a state that is 91 percent white, according to the Daily News, would need a dating site for white people. 

Local NAACP president Jeanetta Williams told the Salt Lake Tribune that the billboard wasn't offensive, just weirdly placed.

"A large population here is white. So you're going to put up billboards here so you can meet other white singles? Every day you can meet white singles," she said.

The site's operators told the newspaper that anyone can join the site, regardless of race, as long as they follow the rules. 

Although it's not spelled out in the name, the site also appears to cater to only straight white people—it doesn't allow men to search for men or women to search for women (although married people can search for dates).

Of course there have been plenty of jokes on Twitter, mostly because whitepeoplemeet.com sounds hilarious.

Whitepeoplemeet.com reportedly has less than 300 members total. The site joins other race-targeted dating sites such as blackpeoplemeet.com and latinopeoplemeet.com.