Sequels are always either wonderful ideas that confirm the greatness of their respective predecessors or, as is most often the case, horrific reminders that lightning rarely strikes twice. Tom Cruise, despite his best efforts to make you forget this fact via his devotion to volcanically inclined aliens, still remains victoriously immune to this unspoken rule of sequels. Be honest. Has Cruise ever truly disappointed the masses with a Mission: Impossible sequel? Hell no.

In that spirit, the hype surrounding the inevitable Top Gun 2 is currently at an all-time high. Though relentlessly teased by everyone from Val Kilmer to your annoying roommate who just can't stop quoting that iconic "need for speed" line at parties, the latest update from the world of Top Gun proves that the sequel is indeed being taken quite seriously:

As previously reported, Top Gun 2 will see both Cruise and Kilmer return to their Maverick and Ice Man roots decades after the events of the original film. Fittingly, the plot is believed to center on the growth of drone technology and its impact on people with names like Maverick and Ice Man.

Sadly, there's been no word yet on a possible revisit of this iconic volleyball scene: