You would think that video games and movies would go together like chicken and waffles doused in honey but the reality is that the collaboration is about as fruitful as a sticking your manhood in a blender in the hopes it would increase your virility. There have been (some) cases of movies transitioning to make good video games (think: Spider-Man 2, X-Origins: Wolverine and GoldenEye) but flip it the other way around and let’s just say the endeavour is less than fruitful.

We’re not sure what the exact problem is and to be fair there are  probably a number of factors involved: studio interference, a bland script, a less-than-stellar cast and crew (director included) and – most criminal of all – not sticking to the source material. Whatever the reason most films based on video games end up being a roadside car accident with a sign saying 'please do not resuscitate', which is a shame as there are some 'decent' films out there (mind you: we're using the word 'decent' generously here). It's a wonder why film studios keep churning out countless movie adaptations of video games, this year alone we'll be getting films based on; Warcraft, Angry Birds and Assassin's Creed.

Because of the numerous amount of video games adapted for the silver screen (or the bargain bin DVD section at your local off license) for the general populace to consume – whether good or bad – there have been a lot that have flown under the radar. So instead of doing a list around ‘the worst movies based on video games” (which would’ve been far too easy) we’ve come up with a list of 'movies based on video games that you never knew existed'.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster rider of questionable quality.