Fox is working on an Expendables TV series from the film trilogy's producer, writer and star Sylvester Stallone, according to Deadline

The franchise, which already has plans for a fourth and fifth movie, plus an all-female spin-off movie titled The Expendebelles, has made a massive amount of money by gathering together the best action movie stars from your childhood for some old-school, lowbrow ass kicking.

And just think about the well of over-the-hill TV action stars they could dip into for a series like this. Mr. T? Hell yeah. Don Johnson? Seems like a no-brainer. Kevin Sorbo? He probably still has muscles, right? How about that guy from Highlander? Give him a friggin' sword! For the record, there's been no announcement about casting yet (but if there's no Mr. T, we riot). 

Even though The Expendables 3 didn't make nearly as much as the first two films did (probably because of piracy), the franchise has made more than $768 million worldwide on an estimated combined budget of around $262 million. 

There was no word on a timetable for when this might actually make it to air.