Other than that whole #OscarsSoWhite boycott, there's another pretty clear reason the cast of Straight Outta Compton cast won't be at the Academy Awards ceremony next month: they weren't even invited. 

Also not invited, according to TMZis producer Ice Cube (although they say he wouldn't have went anyway). 

Sadly, the only people associated with the film who are invited to the awards were the only two who were nominated, Compton screenwriters Johnathan Herman and Andrea Berloff. That means if Compton wins an Oscar it will be accepted by two white people. 

It's not exactly clear how the Academy Awards goes about its invites, but it's definitely not like you have to be nominated to be there. Plenty of (really good looking and famous) people who aren't nominated walk the red carpet every year. 

The Academy should have at least nominated these dudes, just so they could turn it down.