With the jovial family flick The Revenant now seemingly on the fast track to well-deserved Oscar glory, we should probably just start doing a daily Leonardo DiCaprio briefing in which we briefly recount all the ways in which his existence so obviously towers over your own. Today's meeting, for example, would focus on DiCaprio's recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' couch.

"I was on a plane to Russia when the engine exploded," DiCaprio casually mentions to Ellen at around the 3:05 mark above. "I was looking out the window and the entire engine just turned into a fireball." Though DiCaprio has certainly told some version of this story before, his snap decision to then dive into various impressions of the people aboard the plane makes this rendition the definitive take.

The last time we heard from DiCaprio's big vault of thrills, he calmly recounted to Wired exactly how it felt to not only be Leonardo DiCaprio, but to be Leonardo DiCaprio while narrowly surviving what very well could have become a full-on shark attack. All that to say, what's the holdup on giving this guy an Oscar? Dude seemingly battles sharks for fun. I think that's called acting.