A cute little kitty, about eight weeks old, was found in a cardboard box in San Jose. But an abandoned animal left to die wasn't the only sad thing about the situation. The kitty, now named "Smurf," had been dyed purple and had 20 bite marks all over his body. 

Smurf was brought from San Jose to a Nine Lives Foundation shelter in Redwood City, California last Monday. He's currently being treated. 

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the veterinarians who treated Smurf said that he was probably used as some dog's chew toy. 

"I've seen a lot of animals used as bait for other animals; it looks to me like he was used as a chew toy," veterinarian and founder of the Redwood shelter Monica Rudiger said. "He obviously wasn't killed by the dog or whatever animal it was, but he was pretty badly injured."

While Smurf seems to be on his way to good health, his wounds were deep and he still has to go through some surgery. But since his arrival he's been given a bath, a shave, some much-needed antibiotics, and lots of love and attention. While the vets don't know if the dye will cause any long term damage, Rudiger and her team are hopeful that Smurf will be okay. 

That's all we really want for this poor kitty in 2016.