Bernie Sanders, a.k.a. the role Larry David was born to play, has quickly grown from an apparent non-threat to Hillary Clinton's path to the Democratic nomination into a full-on force of potential political change. Supporters grow more vocal by the day, with some questioning why many publications often refuse to give dude credit for running an amazingly successful (and notably Leonardo DiCaprio-cosigned) campaign.

In that spirit, we now have this little viral gem: the inimitable #FeelTheBernChallenge. As with any proper hashtag challenge, this one has a particularly enticing caveat. Those challenged either donate a reasonable three bucks to Sanders' campaign or take a shot of hot sauce. For those with a truly brave heart, doing both is also an option. According to the Daily Dot, the challenge was started by writer Wayne Gladstone earlier this week:

As one would expect, the challenge is gaining some serious traction among both hot sauce enthusiasts and diehard Sanders supporters:

Can we now arrange a debate wherein all candidates debate the merits of their personal favorite hot sauce?