Amy Schumer won big at the Critics Choice Awards snagging Best Actress in a Comedy (for Trainwreck) being honored with an MVP award after a huge 2015 which saw her film debut in Trainwreck, which she wrote, in addition to a spectacular season of Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer, who regularly tackles issues like rape, sexism, and slut-shaming, in her work, sometimes alongside fellow anti-slut shame crusader Amber Rose, shut down some slut-shaming in real life when a teen film critic made a bad joke about her at the Critics Choice Awards.   

17-year-old teen film critic Lights Camera Jackson (Jackson Murphy) made the sexist joke in a (now deleted) tweet alongside a photo of him and Schumer on the Critics Choice red carpet writing how he "spent the night" with her and how he wasn't the "first guy to write that." Now Murphy reportedly first denied the meaning of the tweet in a follow-up tweet where he wrote that people were thinking wrong before pulling the tweet altogether. Of course this wasn't before Schumer could respond setting him straight:

The young critic later apologized to Schumer saying he thought she'd like the joke.

And then again minutes later after probably freaking out that he's ruined his career as a critic and getting dragged by the internet. Schumer replied again cordially accepting the apology, but let him know the tweet bummed her out turning it into an educational moment rather than just a clap back.

Bravo, Schumer!