The New York City subway system is a savage place. It was more than likely built on the steps of Hell with most of the system being deep underground and all. Imagine going about your commute, hoping to catch the Knick game at your favorite bar with your lady friend, lit off the Henny when you board the A-train and get into a knife fight with another passenger. Your night is ruined now. This, or something to that affect happened to two people Friday night. The Gothamist is reporting a female passenger cut two passengers because one of them "was holding onto a pole she was leaning on."

The video above is bugged out to say the least. The assailant warns homie to keep his mouth shut as she pulls out some type of sharp object from her purse. She then begins to taunt the both of them while poking him in his face and stops to pose for another passenger filming the altercation proclaiming, "Hi, I'm used to cameras." She also tells the cameraman to "make sure you get my good side" before suggesting that he "take his Indian girlfriend to get some curry somewhere."

The suspect is believed to be around 30 years old, 6'0", and 180 lbs. and is still at large.