Weed is officially the most popular drug on Earth.

The pro-drug treatment organization Recovery Brands has compiled data from around the world to paint a picture of the most used drugs globally and marijuana took the No. 1 spot by far (but keep in mind, alcohol wasn't part of these stats). 

From their report: 

Although opioids are the most treated drug in the world, they are not the most consumed. With only a few exceptions, marijuana is every country’s top drug by the proportion of users.

Only a few countries actually consumed more of other drugs, such as El Salvador, Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines, where people used amphetamine-type stimulants more often than weed.

Marijuana being the world's most popular drug wasn't much of a surprise, though, but which countries are using the most of other types of drugs might come as one. 

In cocaine use, Scotland takes the top spot, with a little bit less than 3 percent of the adults there using the nose candy. Australia and New Zealand take more ecstasy than any other nations, and the U.S. takes way more prescription opioids than anyone else.

The only country smoking more weed than the U.S. was Iceland, where about 18 percent of adults toke up.

You can check out the full stats below: