When he's not working on saving abused animals or planning to further enlighten audiences Jon Stewart is fighting the good fight when it comes to getting healthcare for 9/11 responders. That fight has led him right back to The Daily Show where the former host appeared Monday night as a guest. 

The Daily Show tweeted the news on Monday and added that Stewart would appear with 9/11 first responder Kenny Specht. Specht is a retired FDNY Lieutenant who contracted thyroid cancer after working at Ground Zero for months after the attacks. He has since become an activist for responders' healthcare rights. Stewart took particular aim at Mitch McConnell, who he says has repeatedly sidestepped a much-needed bill that would directly impact the lives of first responders:

Last week Stewart and 9/11 responders traveled to the Capitol, meeting with senators to convince them to pass a new 9/11 healthcare bill as the previous one, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, began to expire in September. 

Stewart told the Huffington Post, "We're seeing, from everything going on in the world, just how important the first responders are in this country," surely referring to horrific events like San Bernardino and other officers putting their lives on the line.