Urine-related crimes, often considered solely a Florida thing, have now started to gain popularity all across the nation. Though harrowing in nature and generally outright terrifying, these criminals of the urine variety have somehow managed to initiate a trend that's even more annoying than the insufferable man bun.

In fact, the trend has now made its way to an Indiana woman and her weapon of choice: a bucket full of the stuff. Jackie VanTyle, a spry 69 years old, has reportedly been charged with two counts of criminal mischief after apparently tossing buckets of urine on her neighbor's house in the name of neighborly disdain. An officer was called to the neighbor's home in October and reported a "very strong odor of urine," according to the Indy Star. The neighbor then installed a camera system and allegedly scored some footage of the urine tosser tossing buckets of urine on the house.

Though VanTyle initially rebuked claims of urine tossing outright, she eventually admitted to "collecting her own urine in a bucket for several months" and coating the neighbor's home with it while he was away. "I don't like him," VanTyle reportedly told authorities, according to the Star. "He's a bad neighbor." The urine-related damage to the home is estimated to total between $2,100 and $3,798, an issue that will certainly be discussed at length during the case's initial hearing in January.