Gun activists seem to think we need another mass shooting, well, a fake one that is. Gun rights groups are banding together to stage a not-at-all traumatic fake mass shooting at the University of Texas, not to prepare people in the event that such a thing happens but to prove to them that having more people who are armed is the one true solution to these mass shootings (and to protest gun-free zones.) The university's new campus carry law, effective August, will enable people with concealed weapons permits to carry handguns in classrooms, dorm rooms, and other public university buildings.

Come and Take It Texas and are the gung-ho groups planning on holding the events—an Open Carry Walk and Crisis Performance Event (the shooting)—this weekend. "It's a fake mass shooting, and we’ll use fake blood," Matthew Short, a spokesman for the two gun rights groups told He explained actors would be "shot" by gunman who will be carrying cardboard weapons. The groups plan on making the shooting realistic by playing gun noises over bullhorns and by having actors also play rescuers, who will also have cardboard weapons. 

Given the recent San Bernardino shooting, Short was asked if the mock shooting might be distasteful. "Not at all," said Short. "People were able to be murdered people because no one was armed." Short argued that just the thought of there being gun wielding civilians would be enough to deter future mass shooters. "We love freedom and we’re trying to make more freedom," he said.

The University of Texas spokesman J.B. Bird says the groups would be criminally trespassing if they didn't comply and leave when asked since they have no permit for the demonstration.