As depicted in the critically acclaimed biopic The Santa Clause, featuring an Oscar-worthy turn from esteemed dramatic actor Tim Allen, the nefarious home intruder known simply as "Santa Claus" has a generally flawless though admittedly implausible method of breaking and entering. Santa, with his heartless group of reindeer bandits in tow, slithers into homes across the globe and ruthlessly leaves behind joyous gifts while downing an unholy amount of dairy.

Thankfully, both NORAD and Google have maintained their annual tradition of giving concerned citizens the ability to track Santa's every move via the magic of both the internet and your own imagination. For the Google-inclined, simply type the home invader's name into the search bar and follow the trail:

Santa Claus Google Search

The map drops handy pins whenever this reverse robber makes a stop, providing a thorough outline of his path of destruction:

Google Santa Tracker

NORAD, which really goes the extra mile to make sure one's Santa tracking experience is as detailed as possible, may have the upper hand when it comes to user-friendly design:

NORAD Santa Claus Tracker

However you choose to track Santa Claus this year, remain vigilant. Dude is known to cause a ruckus or two.