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Early last week Humans of New York (HONY), the popular Facebook page that profiles and photographs different figures throughout New York, featured a Syrian refugee known as "the Scientist." His incredibly moving and devastating story first caught the attention of President Obama, who left a comment for the Scientist on Facebook, and has now attracted the attention of Birdman actor Edward Norton

On Tuesday Humans of New York posted a series of photographs of the man, who is about to move to Michigan. He came from nothing and worked hard to get a PhD. Since the war has taken hold of his country, family members—including a wife and daughter—have been killed. To make matters worse, he now lives in Turkey, where he's been unable to secure any work and has stomach cancer. 

His story attracted the attention of Norton, who reached out to HONY​ photographer Brandon Stanton asking how he could help. Norton has since created a Crowdrise page for the Scientist, which has raised over three thousand dollars.

"Everything we raise here will go directly to this family to help the father get the medical attention he needs to live and pursue his work, to help his family build a new stable life after their tragedy, the Scientist beautifully support his dream of contributing to the world," Norton said on the page.