2015 has been a blockbuster year for games—let's just say it's been a chore narrowing down our list to just 25 games. We've seen an absolute plethora of quality this year—from advanced sports titles to the absolutely immersive treats like Fallout 4—and this year's crop of games is markedly improved as developers get more and more used to the current generation of consoles. It was also a year that saw video games make a step forward in terms of thriving in an increasingly fractured video game landscape. Things are certainly different now, as it's possible for a newcomer like Life Is Strange to exist in the same realm as a tried and true classic installation like Metal Gear Solid V

While 2014 was somewhat confusing for the world of video gaming, 2015 shows that the industry is as strong as ever. We've had a blast this year with these games, and we hope you enjoy these bad boys as much as we did.