Sadly, several eggs and tomatoes were apparently destroyed in the making of this story. For reasons not entirely clear, an unidentified woman reportedly lodged "eggs and tomatoes" on a stage at an Australian mall where Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were promoting their latest clothing line collection, according to esteemed literary journal the Daily Mail. Though footage of the encounter is currently relatively scarce, TMZ managed to grab a 'gram of what appears to be people acting like people:

The eggs reportedly hit the stage and splattered some fans near the front, but both Jenners managed to avoid the debris. Once local police arrested the woman for "offensive behavior," she allegedly spit on one of the arresting officers. The 30-year-old woman was ultimately booked for assault.

Though it's certainly pretty strange that someone would waste the time it takes to do something like this, the real mystery here is: Why choose eggs and tomatoes, specifically? What about that pairing made it seem like the right one? Get a better hobby, egg and/or tomato throwers of the world.