For the uninitiated, Russian roulette is an often lethal game in which someone places a single round into a revolver, gives the cylinder a proper spin, aims the revolver at their own head, and pulls the trigger. If you think the game sounds too Deer Huntery stupid for anyone to reasonably consider it a pleasurable pastime, you're not alone.

Jimmy Fallon replaced revolvers with eggs and the fear of death with the fear of high cholesterol, then invited Anna Kendrick to join him for a game on Tuesday (see above). As you might expect given her recent track record of absolutely slaying it, Kendrick absolutely slayed it. Currently cruising through the proverbial press gauntlet ahead of Friday's Pitch Perfect 2 release, Kendrick has already given us profound shower philosophy and news of a forthcoming collection of autobiographical short stories.

Thankfully, Anna Kendrick's Twitter saga of sporadic self-deprecation and consistent hilarity gracefully continues.