Since hiring Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan last summer to craft a cinematic universe practically dripping with classic movie monsters, Universal has remained steadfast in their goal to ultimately deliver a massive crossover event in the vein of Marvel’s Avengers. Though confirmed greatest George of the Jungle Brendan Fraser did a fine job with his trio of Mummy monster films, Universal’s current actor of interest for the inevitable reboot would make for a wise move: Tom Cruise.

The actor is reportedly "in talks" to star in the forthcoming reboot of The Mummy, according to Variety. The project is designed to help launch a "new era" of Universal’s monster films, an expansive approach that will feature a wide variety of iconic characters and general monsters. Though plot and casting details are obviously not being openly discussed by studio representatives, sources tell Variety that the new Mummy will be set in present day, unlike the Fraser films. Cruise isn't expected to serve as a producer, though he will reportedly play "a major part" in further development.

Cruise closes 2015 on a remarkably bragworthy note, having guided Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation to both financial and critical success by simply making a movie almost anyone could enjoy. The inevitable Mission: Impossible 6 is slated to begin shooting in August of next year, meaning anyone who thought our guy TC wouldn’t keep delivering the hits in the wake of some serious Scientology backlash were once again sorely mistaken.

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